Pursuing Diagnostic Certainty

MicroBplex has developed a new class of infectious disease in vitro diagnostic products that provide early detection of infection, assess therapeutic effectiveness, predict immune protection, and do not require access to the infectious organism.

Infectious disease diagnostics constitute a large, inadequately served medical need. Most current diagnostic approaches require obtaining a patient specimen that contains the pathogen for subsequent identification by culture, molecular amplification, or mass spectrometry. These methods are prone to false negatives due to poor sampling or false positives due to contamination from the skin and in the case of deep tissue infections, e.g., bone and joint infections, subject the patient to invasive, costly and potentially high risk sampling procedures. Other diagnostic methods measure pathogen-specific antibodies in the serum. Serum antibody levels, however, may achieve detectable levels too late after infection to be clinically useful, decline too slowly to track therapeutic effectiveness, and are often confounded by presence of antibodies produced in response to prior infection(s) and therefore do not distinguish current exposure from prior exposure to the same infectious agents. MicroBplex’ technology overcomes these limitations of other diagnostic approaches by enabling detection of the patient’s earliest cellular immune response to infectious pathogens without the need for pathogen isolation.

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  • Technology

    Our approach to diagnostics for infectious diseases is to detect the presence in blood of ASCs that synthesize antibodies that bind the pathogen thought to be responsible.

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    Take a look at how the MicroBplex products are changing the industry, helping patients with Lyme Disease, Clostridium difficile infection and more…

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    See how MicroBplex helps our patients by providing products that impact and cure Lyme Disease and other infectious diseases.

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